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Exclusive Tent Rentals is your one stop source for all your rentals and sales for canopies, tents, tent structures, HVAC, canopy and awnning manufacturing and more! Our large inventory of top quality rental products combined with our personalized customer service will ensure that your special event will be a success.

With over 25 years of experience, our expert team of professionals provide the safest and highest quality workmanship behind every product and service we provide.

canopiesWe have canopies in sizes ranging from 10-40 feet in width and are available in various lengths and colors depending on your needs. Canopies are popular for events that require smaller tents. We carry two different styles of canopies- a standard canopy that does not have a peak and a festive canopy that is equipped with a peak in the center. Our canopies are designed to be freestanding. Although they are freestanding, the canopy will still require some type of anchoring system to hold it in place depending on the surface it will be on. They do not require center poles, giving the optimum amount of space available.

canopiesExclusive Generator and Lighting has many different options for distributing power, in a work or event environment. We carry: 100 amp Power Center “spider” boxes, 100 amp power boosters, 200 amp1/3 phase distribution boxes, 200 and 400 amp feed-through breaker boxes, 600 amp distribution boxes, y cables, adapters, etc. We also carry studio event distribution panels.

canopiesOur structures are Pre-Engineered Clear Span Fabric Structures designed to cover any amount of square footage and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. All of our structures are Clear Span, so there are no poles inside of the structures to allow the user to use all available space. We can make any size structure, sizes ranging from 50’ wide to 120’ wide and we can make the length as large as needed.


canopiesExclusive Tent Rentals can design a pre-engineered structure to your specifications or needs. We manufacture right out of our own warehouse located in Fontana, CA.


canopiesWe have the largest inventory of HVAC units under one roof in California. Our units range in sizes from 5 to 50 Ton Units, we can heat or cool any size structure, canopy or building. If you have any questions feel free to call us and we will calculate your needs.




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